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Finally the most pleasing reward for some much labor and hard work, being able to play and enjoy the violoncello. In the end I have very close if not exact to the tone I had dreamed of; the bass tenor range of such an instrument with a smaller corpus and the lovely 5th E string open up worlds undreamed of with a classical 4 string cello.

Above the wonderful pearwood with a golden-brown varnish.

The final archings were indeed quite high in the end, bringing the instrument a very sweet, warm tone. I was very pleased.

The scroll head inspired by Mateo Goffriller.

Soon after finishing the cello was whisked away to Amsterdam. I carried in on the train myself never letting my eyes leave the case.

I resisted the temptation to sample the various items to be enjoyed at the famous coffee houses, best to keep my head clear and start the next baroque violoncello. :)

Its back to work now.... and it starts all over again. Below the wood for baroque cello "Sir William, Willy, AKA Billy .Jack" 

Stay tuned, as I will also be adding images of Sir William as he develops. The back is of Willow, neck of Pearwood, top of Italian Spruce as seen to the left. Very lovely wood!

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Comment by Nate Tabor on February 22, 2014 at 11:53pm

Thanks Kevin, that is quite a compliment! Over the centuries there has been quite a lot of confusion regarding the term "Violoncello Piccolo" - The instrument which J.S. Bach commissioned from Hoffmann in Leipzig is much much smaller with a LOB of only around 45cm (!!!) thus the confusion with the term ""viola pomposa" . The 6th suite is just a tiny portion of the music that can be performed with 5 strings.  In reality and in iconography images small violoncellos of all sizes would have been played Obligato far into the late Baroque period, not only in Germany also. That extra E string makes so much sense and opens up whole new worlds! Its great!

Comment by Kevin Keating on February 22, 2014 at 7:51pm
That's gorgeous. Is this the mysterious 5 string instrument that Bach had in mind when he composed the 6th cello suite? If so, somebody needs to play & record it on THIS instrument.




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