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A little history part 1. My Journey with a special friend. The violin

I wish I had started a daily journal on the first day that I decided to play the violin again.
I come from a family of artists. My mother and father met at the art students league in NYC. My father modeled there and for artists like S. Dali and L Neiman. He sang as well. My mother was an artist specializing in ink/quill. She also danced. We all painted together on sundays as a family. There grew my appreciation for the arts. I took a year of violin study in grade school. I dont remember why i did not continue but my love of the arts did and I grew to spend more time drawing and painting in high school. During that time I took up other instruments briefly. The guitar for one year and the clarinet for one year.
I married a musician, an R&B keyboard player. During that time and before, I had taken vocal coaching and sang often privately. I had become accustomed to being around instruments and one day in the spring of 2008, I walked into the guitar store and found my 1st violin. The guitar store typically sells guitars and keyboards and so I was very surprised to see this beautiful black electric violin sitting up in the middle of a wall of various types of guitars. It was on sale for $300. I decided that if I researched the violin worth and returned to the store to still find it there then it was meant to be. I did and it was and so my journey with the violin began.

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Comment by Linda on January 26, 2011 at 3:05pm

Well, its 1 year later and im in the 4th suzuki book. I want so badly to just pick up the violin and play well! When I graduated high school i earned a scholarship for A+ rating on my portfoilo from Fashion Institute of Technology. I loved my art classes, particuarly water colors and dabbled in surreal illustrations but i wasnt crazy about the idea of replicating anothers creation in textile design so did not continue. My portfolio had developed rather nicely. I should say my additional appendage. It was stolen and i cant describe how that felt. So much of what i could not put into words was there. I started back after a while, taking classes at Arts Students League and SVA and then again but with a flood, my art  work was destroyed. that was all i could take and influenced by ohers and my then husband a keyboardist writer and arranger still, i felt the shelter of music. I say this because i realize now or have taken moment to think how it would be to lose my violin or injure my left hand. How can i claim this journey or should i take pleasure only in the moments ive had and know its loss imminent thereby giving time value a hundred fold.

Comment by Sylvia Casterton on January 13, 2010 at 8:27pm
How long have you been studying violin? I heard recently that God writes straight, with crooked lines.
I have been searching for an ensemble for some time now. With my teaching private lessons until recently I had little time to dedicate to another group. I regret that. But, now I have an opportunity to play in a trio. We rehearse on Sat. :) It is hard to believe. Two weeks ago NOTHING! And now... It's a God thing!
I hope I make the cut




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