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What kind of things inspire you to be the person that you are or want to be? What ( in your awsomely utmost personal opinion) do you think inspires the world to be what it is?
Or what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

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Well for me, it's music. And my mom, and grandpa. They're awsome because:
1. My mom is b/c she totally cares for everything in my life, and supports my musical-ness, and has taught me a lot of life skills and stuff.
2. My grandpa is b/c he also supports my musical-ness, and pretty much all the same things as my mom.

(If you didn't know, b/c is short for because.)
God is my #1 inspiration. He has led me to music and everything in my life. My grandpa/mom's side of the family has always been very talented in/with music, it's our life!! Kasy Long said:
God. He provides the faith for me to push forward in life.
My parents. They want me to try my best at everything I do.
My grandpa. I wouldn't be playing the violin if it wasn't for him. He started the violin playing in my family. So...I owe it to him. Everyime I play the violin I think of him.
My orchestra classmates. They are awesome. They support me and tell me how great I am. I play for them.
I just...owe it to everyone. I'm one of those people who need support to do things in life. So...all of my friends and family help me and I really thank them.
That is so true!!! Have you heard of a saying that goes like, "If you don't know your history, you're doomed to repeat it"?

Kelly Torosian said:
Aside from my family and friends, music is what's really shaped me as a person. I started young on Suzuki method, and I can't remember ever not being involved in music. I can't imagine my life without it. Like, if a second Holocaust happened (hopefully people have learned from history and it won't) and somebody told me I couldn't play violin anymore or they'd shoot me, I'd be like "You know what? Fine. Go ahead, because I can't live without it."

     Last night, my orchestra class and the choir performed Faure's Requiem. The first note was so powerful, and warm, but dark, and it just made me want to cry. It was like God's perfect, amazing glory, mercy, and judgement come together all at once in one simple note played by 14 simple teenagers. Faure was a God inspired genius who understood how to create such an impact on the first note of a piece. Right now, I'm listening to a lot of Faure's pieces, and I love all of them!    

 I hope you enjoy it!! My orchestra and choir played it for Karlos Kalmar a couple months ago, and the choir director decided we should play it as a concert. 

  I think the only music God didn't inspire is the nasty profane stuff. I like to listen to music from India sometimes. Especially when I'm craving something spicy, and tangy.

 Faure is my top favorite composer for the time being, with Beethoven, and Mozart coming in on his heals!

                                                     Mozart gave us God's laughter,

                                                    Beethoven gave us God's fire,

                                                      Bach gave us God's word,

                                but God gave us music, so that we should pray without words.    

No, I didn't write that. It's everywhere here in Oregon. :-)

 A lot of the people here are a bunch of "The Arts" people, and our main feature is music. The Salem/Keizer  school district (where I live)  is known nationally for our music programs -which is cool, but it makes me feel kinda bad for the less musically fortunate areas.

   I went to a camp in Arcada, California called Sequoia Chamber Music Workshop, and that was the most inspiring music camp I have ever gone to! I went to the 2nd week, so I missed half, but it was amazing all the same. In the morning, we got into assigned groups and sight-read music, rehearsing only twice in that day, and in the evening performed what we had sight-read that morning.  It was AMAZING!!! I'm planning on going next year (maybe both weeks), and I highly recomend it to anybody between 12 and 20 years old!   

We actually had a few people from Florida.  I was like,"Whoa! FLORIDA?!"  Of course, they probably didn't have any siblings, so it was probably easier to pay for.  I have five siblings, so I would have had to pay my way alone, but like I mentioned in an earlier post, they needed violists, and they were paying. But, it's realatively cheep, so I'll be able to go without having to go aroung collecting bottles or something. Inclluding the application fee, for one week, it's $810.00, for two weeks, I think it was $1560.00 (which is less expensive than one week -I did my math).


  True, true.  I'm using the camp as an opprotunity for college prep, and I'm going into either music, botany/horticulture, writing, or a combo of the three.  So many things to decide, and I've only got a few years left to decide!!!  I don't know what I'm going to do to pay for college!  I'll probably CLEP (test out of) a lot of classes, so it's not as spendy, and then get as many scholarships as possible. 

  I completly understand your reasons for not going/being able to go to the camp. :)   






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