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So we all love books here, but where do you prefer to buy your books?  A new book seller like B&N or Borders?  Or a used book store?

Me, I love used book stores.  Even though they may be a bit disorganized and cluttered, even musty smelling in some cases, there's something special about rummaging through shelves and piles of old books.  Searching through what is sometimes a labyrinth of book cases and stepping over piles of books on the floor because there's more books than there is shelf space to find something you can't get anywhere else is an adventure in itself.  I can spend hours in a used book store.

I found a very organized and rustic bookstore in Potsdam, NY this weekend called "Birchbark Bookshop" that boasts over 50,000 books (none of which are on the floor).  I picked up 2 paperback sci-fi's, a hardcover songbook and a Suzuki teachers manual for less than $13.

"Willis Monie Books" in Cooperstown, NY has book shelves almost 12 feet high stacked to the top and much of the floor covered with what wouldn't fit on the shelves.

Many of these stores sell online.  One of my favorites closed its doors and now sells online only now.  I'm always looking for out of print or hard to find music related books or sheet music.

So where do you buy your books?  Are there any out there that specialize in specific genres or topics?  I'm looking for more!

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Found a used book store chain in North Carolina this weekend called "Edward McKay Used Books."  Went to the one in Fayetteville, NC.  It's very neat and organized, easy to find stuff.  Not a really big music section, as least for what I was looking for, but a great store none the less.  I picked up a Mendelssohn collection, a collection of viola solos and a book about impressions of Beethoven, all for 6 bucks.  I love used book stores.  Ya never know what you're gonna find.





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