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My Capri Maestro violin has a one piece back.  Very beautiful flamed maple.  After reading an article on Strings magazine's site about one & two piece backs and how they're made, I would like to know how I can tell weather the back on mine is quartered from a wedge or slab cut from a log.  Is there a way of determining that by looking at it?  Here's a pic of the back:

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If I had to guess, I would say slab cut since the grain doesn't run perfectly straight with the instrument.  But maybe I'm wrong.

My much cheaper knock around Vinci fiddle has a two piece back though they don't look book matched at all.  I'm finding that whether the back is one or two piece seems to not be that important.  One isn't necessarily "better" than the other since the back is more of a reflective plate than a vibrational plate like the belly.  Nor does one seem to be pricer than the other.

Hi Kevin,

A slab cut back is plain without figure whereas quarter sawn will have figure as with your violin.


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Thanks Brian. I actually learned not long after posting this that it is quarter sawn.

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