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I'm an older adult who is learning to play the violin. Since my husband retired I cannot afford lessons so I'm trying to teach myself. I have had a couple of years of lessons. My husband plays the guitar very well and I would like to learn to play a few songs with him but I'm having trouble finding sheet music that includes both guitar and violin. He plays country and classic rock songs. If I had a few songs we could practice together I think it would help me to improve and also have fun practicing. Does anyone have any suggestions where to find sheet music or a book for both instruments?

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Just on the topic of classic rock, Deborah, I found a transcription online for the violin solo in "Dust in the Wind". Also, I've done a few transcriptions off of Youtube for stuff like "Black Water", another sweet guitar/violin duet. Check out Mel Bay Publications, as well; for decades they've been publishing collections of guitar/violin material covering most popular genres. They're especially strong on "Americana" such as old-time and bluegrass.  Best of luck to you !

Thank you Dave,

  I'll check into the Mel Bay Publications and look some more online. I really think it would be fun for us to learn a song together, but he plays a lot on open mic nights at a few of the pubs near us. It will force me to be more dedicated to my practice if I know I will have to play for a crowd, even though they will probably be feeling pretty good. I have stage fright something awful! Thanks again for your suggestions.

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