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Me again, still deciding on which one to buy, I haven't had any response to the Cremona SV-1500 violin question so I have moved towards the two violins mentioned about.  As I am a beginner I really need some advice for the future.  My tone and pitch is good but I would like something more advanced than the Stentor Conservatoire.  I prefer the deeper sounding violins.


Some people are saying that the Maestro is no better than the Gama?  Anyone have experience with these?


In Australia the Gama goes for $1500 and the Maestro for around $3000 but I can see that ordering from the USA would dramatically reduce the cost.  I have practised on both at a local store but as I'm just learning I can't feel any dramatic difference.


In order to progress, would there be much of a difference between the two?  Or are they very similar in quality as some people are suggesting?

Thanks, I plan to order in the next few days so any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Darren,

here's a rather biased opinion - as you can see, I make violins!

Don't go overboard price-wise when buying a 'hand made' factory instrument - as long as you feel that it will enable you to make some progress be content with that. In due course you will have a clearer picture of what you need, and will be able to trade up.

All the best!


Thanks Caroline, that sounds like great advice.

My problem is I am not sure how long until I am 'allowed' to trade up again so I am trying to make the most of my money right now.......but I can read between the lines and maybe I should be content with what I can realistically afford.

I have done a lot of reading which suggests that tone and pitch are up to me.........go figure........




oops, didn't mean to sound like the grandmother I am!

re. ordering from the US - don't know about Australia, but in the UK we get hit with a huge chunk of import duty. With something so personal as choosing a violin it may be a bit risky to order unseen...

There I go again!!


No, you didn't sound like that at all.  I just came to a self realisation.


I agree, it is risky.  But the person I am buying from is happy to value it low enough it won't receive any import duty.  We have a $1000 buffer before they consider the import worth taxing.



Good luck in your purchase, I'm sure you will make great progress in your playing! C

Have you had a chance to try out either a Snow or a Potter? Both are highly rated amongst our reviewers. We also tried a $3,000 (or so) Cheng that was well received by our tester.

I can't find those in Australia for sale Greg.  I would have tried the Snow for sure as I've heard and read great things about it but can only test the Gliga locally where I live.


Decided to buy the Gliga from Alexi and I am hoping the deeper tones will appeal to me.  I tried one Gliga Maestro at a local store and liked the feel of it.  We seem to have limited options around here, maybe I should open my own violin shop and sell some of those brands.




What city are you in?

I don't want to steer you off your course, but I have tracked down a shop in Australia that carries Jay Haide Violins, which are well worth looking into:

They are in Innaloo, near Perth.

Thanks Greg, I live near Melbourne, Victoria.


Perth is a long way (like LA to Miami) but I will check out their range.  Thanks for the tip, I couldn't find one anywhere here on the East Coast.

Hi, thanks again for all your help.


I did however end up going with the Gliga Maestro which I paid less than $1400 Australian Dollars for..........they cost nearly $3000 in Australia but US sellers seem to sell them much cheaper.  I am not sure why there is such a difference when the Australian Dollar is so strong at the moment.  Very happy with the Maestro compared to the Stentor Conservatoire I was using.  The Maestro feels and sounds very smooth, I think I made the right choice.


Jay Heide look great but they were a little above my budget, maybe my next violin!



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