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For a few years I've been playing an electric that I've never really liked. There were some things I wasn't sure about and I went for safe solutions so the result wasn't optimal...

Now finally it's seems like I'm about to start the making of a new fivestring instrument which will be a realization of the electric fiddle I actually want to play. A very simple construction with a solid body similar to Les Paul Junior. The construction of the bridge is however very essential for a solid body instrument, so I'll spend some extra time and money on that particular detail.

I'd like the bridge to be adjustable so I can try different string heights. I also play doublestops most of the time, so even if the instrument is fretless, I like proper intonation. My idea is using ABM singlestring bridges made for electric guitar. Each string saddle is a bridge of its own, adjustable in two dimensions. The adjustability isn't limitless of course so they must be placed on an arched surface. Also, the intonation needs some compensating, placing the C bridge farther back than the E bridge..

My biggest problem is how to find the proper positions. There will be now tailpiece, so I'm not sure how to find the right place for each saddle. I can't tune the string when it's not anchored... Making the proper arch of the wooden block that will serve as bridge foundation will also be a problem for the same reason.

Any ideas?

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